ITAI 2003

Aus Colliseum
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6th International ITAI-Conference held at Stratford-upon-Avon – September 2003

  • P Roe: Recent Observations on Early Life Dry Skid Resistance
  • C Hogg: Surface Scratching the Yields Results
  • H Viner & G Poole: Contaminated Road Surfaces
  • A Wooller: The Analysis of Video Recordings as an Investigative Tool in Criminal Offences and Road Traffic Collisions
  • D Hague & D Compton: Determination of Vehicle Speed and Traffic Signal Phasing from CCTV Images
  • P Jordan: The Benefits and Costs of Road Safety Audits
  • J Arnold: Disaster in the Gotthard Tunnel
  • F Navin: Accuracy and Precision of Equations
  • F Coyle, V Toal and D Wood: Accuracy of Close Range Photogrammetry in Investigation of Low Speed Collisions
  • J Hammond & A Rooke: ITS and Police Investigations - Do Collision Investigators have a Future?
  • I Knight: Primary New Car Assessment Programme
  • J Canova: Antilock Brake System Simulation
  • D Faithful: Legal Issues of In-Vehicle Telematics
  • J Field: Analysis of Real World Pedestrian vs. Vehicle Collisions
  • T Stevenson & j Raine: Low speed pedestrian versus SUV Collisions
  • B Shardlow: Case Study - False Claim Against Metropolitan Police/Fraudulent Repair
  • A Hassan: Intrusion Resistance Glazing Contribution to Vehicle Occupant Safety
  • D Hague & D Disbury: Frontal Pole Impacts - Calculation of Impact Speed
  • I Paine: The Case for Crash Investigation - Child Seat
  • R Cuerden: The Risk of Car Occupant Spinal Injury by Crash Type and Severity
  • G Owen: Recent Observations on Early Life Dry Skid Resistance
  • W Hugemann: Longitudinal and Lateral Accelerations in Normal Driving
  • F Wilson: Comparison of Measured Lateral Accelerations on Heavy Trucks with Calculated Rollover Threshold Values - An Input to Accident Reconstruction
  • F Navin: Articulated Truck Rollover
  • C Marks: Impact Location Analysis Using Indirect Methods
  • M Weber: Contacts Between Passenger Cars Driving in Parallel Traffic
  • J Muttart: Suggested Practices for Estimating Driver Response Times